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English Translation of the Holy Quran by Maulana Muhammad Ali @
English Translation of the Holy Quran. by Maulana Muhammad Ali. List of Chapters of the Holy Quran. Al-Imran The Family of Amran. Al-Araf The Elevated Places. Bani Israil The Israelites.
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158 Jesus is mentioned more often in the Quran than Muhammad while Mary is mentioned in the Quran more than the New Testament. Some non-Muslim groups such as Baha'is and Druze view the Quran as holy. Unitarian Universalists may also seek inspiration from the Quran. The Quran has been noted to have certain narratives similarities to the Diatessaron Protoevangelium of James Infancy Gospel of Thomas Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew and the Arabic Infancy Gospel. 160 161 162 One scholar has suggested that the Diatessaron as a gospel harmony may have led to the conception that the Christian Gospel is one text. Page from a Quran Umar-i Aqta. Iran Afghanistan Timurid dynasty circa 1400. Opaque watercolor ink and gold on paper Muqaqqaq script.
The Holy Quran.
One thing which surprises non-muslims who are examining the book very closely is that the Qur'an does not appear to them to be what they expected. This page contains a list of articles about the Holy Quran Koran the Holy Book of Muslims. The original text of the Quran in Arabic is widely available throughout the world. The Holy Quran is the only revealed text still extant today in its original language and form. The Quran has been translated into every major language. The English translations by Abdullah Yusuf Ali and Muhammad Pickthall are two popular translations. We have made these translations available to our readers on this page. We recommend the translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali with commentary as a first reading.
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This page has been created with the intention of spreading the message of the Holy Quran. Here you can find the original Arabic version of the Quran its simplified translations in English and Urdu by Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahab Db and links to the detailed commentary of the Quran by Mufti Muhammad Shafi Sahab RA former grand Mufti of Pakistan. Note The translations shared on this page have been specifically developed for laymen using simplified language. However if you find difficulty in understanding any of the passages consult a reliable scholar to help you. Download the Holy Quran Arabic Only PDF. Urdu Translation Asan Tarjuma e Quran.
English Translation of the Holy Quran with Commentary Contents.
Verse 58 to end. Verse 61 to end. Verse 71 to end. Verse 42 to end. Verse 66 to end. Verse 76 to end. Verse 39 to end.
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The Holy Quran.

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