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Lisiten to Quran Recitation and Translation online in Arabic Engligh and Urdu
Al-Quran Online Quran Project Translation and Tafsir.
A resource for anyone looking to understand the Sacred Text of Islam the world's leading online source of Quran translation and commentary. Explore read and search publications in many languages.
Quranflash Holy Quran Reading Online.
Quranflash provides the Holy Quran for online reading and listening in a unique and modern way with multiple features such as translations interpretations text copying bookmarking highlighting listening commenting sharing and zooming
alQuran on the App Store.
There is a right time and place for exclusively highlighting the merits of Ahl-al-Bayt and Shia Fiqh and Kalam but an app dedicated to Quran is not it. Let your dedication to Quran and the mere spreading of all interpretations guide others. Second an option in the settings to allow complete removal of English titles in the Surah headers and table of contents would be very nice. This is so far the best Quran app I've ever encountered. It's easy to navigate and very customizable. It has a list of translation and reciters that you could pick. The only thing it needs is transliteration.
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Example know returns know knowledge knowledgeable. To do a fuzzy search use the symbol at the end of a word with an optional parameter a value between 0 and 2 that specifies the edit distance. example home returns name whom same. example home1 returns home some hope. Search operators are optional. Chinese Ma Jian Traditional.
The Noble Quran.
The Quran translated into many languages in a simple and easy interface.
Quran Wikipedia.
116 For them it is an essential idea that the Quran also has inward aspects. Henry Corbin narrates a hadith that goes back to Muhammad. The Quran possesses an external appearance and a hidden depth an exoteric meaning and an esoteric meaning. This esoteric meaning in turn conceals an esoteric meaning this depth possesses a depth after the image of the celestial Spheres which are enclosed within each other. So it goes on for seven esoteric meanings seven depths of hidden depth. According to this view it has also become evident that the inner meaning of the Quran does not eradicate or invalidate its outward meaning. Rather it is like the soul which gives life to the body.
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If after a or the letter appears then the Noon Saakin or Tanween will be incorporated into the letter an will be recited with Ghunna. If after a or there appear any of these letters it will become assimilated into the letterand will be read with Ghunna. If after a there appear another the two meems will become incorporated and will be read with Ghunna.

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